“From our first session, Deborah made me feel very at ease. Naturally, Deborah is a great listener, very patient and spends time working with me identifying the areas I want to work on – each session is dedicated to the areas I want to focus on. What I love about working with Deborah, is that there is never any judgement in our discussions – nothing is every deemed as silly or too small.

Through working with Deborah, I am starting to get a much clearer understanding of myself and my own needs. I’ve learnt more about myself in the last three months than ever before. Her guidance and coaching has given me really practical tools that I feel comfortable working with, that make complete sense and help me move forward in a positive way. In our first meeting, Deborah said that coaching is not a quick fix, and I’m discovering this the more we work together (in a good way) – it does take dedication and commitment which I would find hard to continue with alone. I benefit from her regular ‘check ins’ and keeping me on track with my homework. I now find that I’m ‘practicing’ in my day to day life.”

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