Entering 2021 with a different mindset

We often hear all about our mindset. How by changing our mindset, we can live more happily, reach success, attract a life partner, even beat illness…. But what if changing your mindset is not so simple? Your mind has been with you for a long time. Your mind may have adapted to or been shaped by your life, or perhaps by influences from those around us. We accumulate thoughts and beliefs, and these can have an impact on our present and future.

In particular, the last ten months may have driven your mind into overdrive. A cacophony of dark emotions triggered by uncertainty, fear, disappointment, anger, grief. A yearning for life as it was. Anxiety for one’s health or for loved ones. You may have felt a sense of loss from less human connection.

The mind can feel out of control. Thoughts darting all over the place like a game of pinball wizard. Conflicting thoughts conflated, causing confusion. Polarised thoughts barging each other out of the way, vying for attention. At times like these, we may struggle to even know who we are or what we want.

So what can you do? It may be that you need to feel that lack of control, confusion, exasperation, or desperation in order to kick-start an internal process

I’m not here to set out a one size fits all, quick-fix plan to improve your mind. That sort of process is an individual one. One that takes time, patience and perseverance (and perhaps with a dose of bravery). But if you are struggling with a hectic mind, conflicting thoughts, negativity, or fear-based thoughts that are restricting your choices and how you live your life, you may well be able to find relief with the right kind of support.

My work with clients is individual, fluid and responsive to that client’s needs. My approach is drawn from my psychology academic background, my experience as a life-coach, as well as my knowledge of the psychotherapy model, Internal Family Systems.  I cannot guarantee that “in 6 sessions with me, you will have a new mindset, free of all negativity”. But what I have witnessed with clients is a gradual (and therefore more long-lasting) mental shift. This shift is in awareness of thoughts, an increased ability to manage thoughts, and a developing wisdom in how one responds better to those thoughts.

Please do get in touch if you feel the above resonates with you and you want to start working through your thoughts with me. Or please do contact me if you want more information about my sessions.

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