Do you ever wonder what it would be like to feel less self-critical and more confident? To feel less of a failure and to be less embroiled in negative thinking? To not constantly be in the exhausting cycle of over-eating and then eating restrictively? Or to feel less overwhelmed and anxious?

Sessions with me can help you improve your relationship with yourself, as well as your relationship with others and your everyday life. It can bring about a deep understanding of what is behind your thoughts or feelings. With that increased understanding, one can then begin to make changes to one's mental wellbeing.

I am an Internal Family Systems practitioner and Advanced Coach. I generally use Internal Family Systems (IFS) in all my sessions, sometimes combined with coaching (to the extent appropriate or desired). Over the years, I have found IFS so wonderfully compassionate and transformative for both myself and for clients.

What is Internal Family Systems?

IFS is a form of psychotherapy which views each person's mind as being made up of different 'parts'. In addition to parts, we each have something called the 'Self' (aka your inner wisdom). Self and parts make up a system (much like an internal system of family members). Using IFS coaching or IFS therapy helps the client to regain Self-leadership, where they can befriend all parts of themselves, and lead a more content, enriched, calm, self-loving and authentic life. When a person's internal system of parts is functioning in a harmonious way, this is when one experiences balance, self-leadership and the ability to tackle life's challenges from a more grounded place.

My work is to partner with you as you go through a process of self-exploration. The first step is to recognise what is happening for you internally (in terms as your thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations); understanding your different parts. Then you can begin to learn how to befriend these parts, how to respond to different 'voices', feelings or sensations (including those that may be self-critical, confusing, angry, despairing, unhappy, frustrated or stressed out). My approach is to be a gentle and compassionate guide, helping you through your internal process at whatever pace you and your parts feel ready for.

My sessions are focused on helping clients:
- find greater mental stability and peace of mind
- become more confident and able to speak out whether that be at home, as a parent, with their partner or other relationships
- establish their own needs and values, and set personal boundaries
- navigate life transitions and cope with stress, ill health and loss
- work with addictive patterns/behaviour
- establish an easier relationship with food (including support and relief from disordered eating)
- find ways to improve external relationships
- feel less confused and make decisions more easily
- feel a greater sense of spirituality or connection to one's 'inner wisdom' or 'true self'
- improve communication skills
- cope with parenting, and how to find balance and calm in the midst of a parenting storm!
- feel a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-confidence
- connect to one's life purpose

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Before embarking on my career as a life-coach , I worked as a burnt-out lawyer in London.  After several years working as a lawyer, I took a sabbatical and there found the mental space I had craved for so long in order to reassess my life and find the confidence to start my career afresh as a life-coach and later, IFS practitioner. That wasn’t an easy ride – I had to dig deep and face my own fears and internal blocks in order to create a life that reflected my values, beliefs and passion. Despite the stress I had encountered as a lawyer, I feel truly grateful for the experience and the skills I gained in the legal world, as well as compassion for any burnt-out professionals who are struggling to juggle life or to feel fulfilled.

I attribute leaving my previous career and getting to where I am to my own personal self-developmental and self-discovery experience (through my own personal coaching, IFS therapy and yoga). This gave me clarity about my life, my choice in intimate relationships, my spirituality, my needs, my values and my life purpose. I found that once I really delved into IFS and experienced it for myself as well as trained in it, I knew how transformational it could be. IFS has equipped me to access my soul, which is one’s pure core essence of inner wisdom so that I can lead my life and make decisions from that place of wisdom. It has helped me overcome fears, self-doubt, low self-esteem, find peace and clarity as well as improved my external relationships. It has also given me passion to help others using the transformational power of IFS!

I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 in IFS (the latter, focusing on Addictive Processes and Eating Disorders). I also have a psychology degree. In addition, I am a 2015 graduate of the Coach-U CEP course, as well as a 2019 graduate of the Coach U Advanced Coaching course. My practice is currently a mixture of 1:1 sessions, workshops as well as speaking events.

I am an avid yoga practitioner of 25 years, having practiced Shadow Yoga for the last 15 years. My yoga practice not only has helped my body and mind, but has made me aware of the importance of the body and mind connection in both myself and in my clients. I would call myself ‘spiritual’ in the sense that I believe we all have a soul, or in IFS terms, a ‘Self’.

I have been blessed to have travelled a lot, as well as witnessed and experienced different cultures (having lived in India, the UK, Israel and Portugal thus far!). This has opened my eyes and mind to the uniqueness each one of us has, yet how connected we all are.

Inner perfectionist

Many of us constantly strive for unattainable perfectionism, which can lead to stress, frustration and a sense of failure ( at work, home or so on). My workshop walks you through steps we can take to help deal with your ‘inner perfectionist’ so that you can feel more satisfied, successful and calm

Inner critic
Self-critical voice
Handling your inner critic. Your inner critic is that self-critical voice in your head which can berate you so much leaving you with low self-worth and a lack in self-confidence. In this workshop, I will help you really get to know your inner critic. Then we will work together to establish tools for how to respond to it. And these tools will help you learn how to live without being so affected by your inner critic.
Over-active mind

Delving into an over-active mind: this workshop helps you develop more self-awareness, understand the tug of war inside your mind, and develop tools to help calm a frantic or over-thinking mind.

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